Hidronix Unico

UNICO is the company’s main product, versatile and with multiple uses that adapts to any operating condition.
Developed after a long design experience, it is the flagship of Hidronix.

Hidronix, Tubo Unico Sezione
Hidronix Tubo Multigas

The Hidronix MULTIGAS multilayer pipe is composed of an internal and an external layer in cross-linked polyethylene PEX-B, bonded by two bonding layers (adhesive resin)
to an intermediate layer in aluminum alloy longitudinally butt-welded (TIG method).

The yellow outer layer in PEX-B mechanically, electrically and chemically protects the aluminum layer, preventing it from undergoing scratches,
electrochemical aggressions by materials such as cement, water and other substances and acts as a barrier to UV rays.

The internal layer in PE-Xb with an extremely smooth surface in contact with the gas considerably reduces pressure drops.

The metal layer in aluminum alloy prevents the passage of oxygen, increases the resistance to internal pressure and considerably reduces linear expansion.

MULTIGAS multilayer pipe produced by Hidronix is available in rolls and bars, in the 16/20/26 mm bare sizes and in the 16/20 mm sizes, insulated with a high-strength polyethylene air chamber.

Tubo MultiGas Hidronix

Manufacturing Standard

Unico - Multigas - Multipipe

According to the UNI EN ISO 21003 and UNI TS 11433 standards.

Intermediate layer in aluminum with LASER / TIG welding:

  • 100% impermeable to oxygen and water vapor.
  • Low coefficient of linear expansion.
  • Strong resistance to corrosion and chemical and electrochemical aggressions.
  • Soundproofing similar to that of plastic pipes.
  • Resistance to high pressures and temperatures.
  • Smooth surfaces, no fouling.
  • Light as a plastic tube.
  • Malleability superior to any type of pipe, even at low temperatures.
  • Insurance guarantee for 10 years against manufacturing damage, with “state of the art” installation by specialized team (Law 46/90).
Hidronix Tubi Rotoli

HIDROPERT multilayer pipe consists of an internal layer in PE-RT type 2 (polyethylene with increased thermal resistance up to a maximum pressure of 10 bar and a maximum temperature of 95 degrees centigrade), an intermediate layer of aluminum, longitudinally welded (head -head) with laser / TIG technology and an external layer in white PE-RT type 2. The intermediate layers of glue homogeneously join the aluminum layer to the PE-RT layers.

The presence of the aluminum layer guarantees a safe barrier against oxygen and other gases, as well as giving the product excellent resistance to crushing.

The HIDROPERT multilayer pipe is suitable for sanitary, heating and cooling systems according to the UNI EN ISO 21003-2 standard.

Available in rolls and bars, in various lengths, with and without insulation.