Hidronix, Leader in the production of multilayer pipes in the plumbing and heating sector

Competence and research make Hidronix a cutting-edge company that does not fear competitors.



High quality, craftsmanship, careful selection of the best raw materials, respect and consideration for the customer: these are the keywords and values ​​of Hidronix that have made the multilayer pipes produced worldwide known and appreciated by hundreds of distributors, retailers and installers.  .

Hidronix is ​​also attention to innovation, safety, the environment and its human resources.

The ultimate goal is to distribute all the main products on the national, European and global territory, with their high quality and reliability, perfectly suited to the various market needs in which they are located.  

A Young and Highly Professional Team

Hidronix today is a large Italian company, an absolute reference in the production of multilayer pipes for the plumbing and heating sector.

The winning strategy of the company has always been technological development through the constant search for innovative solutions, the design activity and a constant presence on the national and international market.

A continuous search for the best product and services that meet the new needs of the globalized market are the winning features that distinguish Hidronix in the world of plumbing and heating.

The head and heart of Hidronix are in Brusciano, Campania, where the strategies of a company now projected onto the global market are defined, also through the implementation of commercial agreements and joint ventures in Asia, Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

Economic growth, technological development, the pursuit of quality, continuous research, design activity, presence on European markets and the rest of the world are the elements that have guided and still guide Hidronix’s policies towards achieving of new goals.

Today the company is a national leader in the sector, a unique and reliable partner, with one goal: total quality.

Hidronix: Un Team Giovane ed Altamente Professionale

Cutting-edge Technology

Latest generation machinery to guarantee products of the highest quality and compliant with the highest standards required by international markets.  

Our History

Start of Production

The first production line for multilayer pe-rt / al / pe-rt and pex / al / pex pipes in southern Italy is installed in the Brusciano plant, thus Hidronix srl was born, from the idea of ​​a group of entrepreneurs with a  great know-how in the plumbing and heating sector.


Expansion of Production

The production expands with the purchase of two completely advanced coating lines for the insulation of multilayer pipes used in sanitary, heating, refrigeration and gas systems.


Closed Cell Expanded Sheath

On the strength of the increasingly exciting results, the company builds a new plant for the production of closed cell expanded sheaths.


National Milestones

Hidronix achieves important goals at national level, acquiring important certifications of the company system and products.

Strict controls of production processes and raw materials ensure full compliance with the standards defined by the certification institutes and guarantee customers high quality products.  

But in 2016 the results far exceed all expectations and in a few years the company will be present in over 30 countries around the world, producing about 12 million meters of pipes per year.


Industry 4.0

A revolutionary alupert multilayer pipe production line is installed in full compliance with the industry 4.0 plan, an investment in which the company has believed and invested a lot.


Hidronix Today

Today Hidronix is ​​an Italian company that boasts over 30 employees, two production sites and logistics that allows it to offer its customers immediate availability of the entire product range, with always fast and accurate shipments.

Hidronix per una tecnologia sostenibile

Hidronix for a Sustainable Technology

Hidronix is even more committed for saveguarding the environment and the ecosustainability of ecological products.